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Collective Planning, agent for developers Majorlink and CPG Feldman, have submitted plans to demolish Omega Works and redevelop the site with warehouse-style apartments and luxury flats, with no affordable housing provision.

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The Omega Works warehouse community is under threat from this development. Over 100 people will lose their accommodation and workspace, resulting in an immediate risk to their secure housing, and disruption of their businesses placing many in financial hardship.


As new developments introduce unaffordable rents, there is a growing risk of social cleansing with residents being priced out of their own neighbourhood. This development will:

  • exacerbate the housing crisis in the borough of Haringey by providing no affordable housing

  • Impact the employment offer in the area through loss of creative workspace and networks

  • displace hundreds of creatives from the area, impacting Londons' cultural offer 

  • destroy the social fabric of the community; impacting social cohesion, sense of belonging and well-being



The community has not been consulted or considered in this new development. 


The developers have claimed extensive consultation and that our interests are at the core of the development, this is not the case. The consultations offered by the developers lacked direct communication or invitation for attendance. In fact, through our own community-engagement, as well as Haringey Council's we know that many of these residents that the developers have named as 'consultees' have not been contacted and are in fact opposed to the development, suggesting the application hinges on inaccurate consultation data.

The development of the Haringey Warehouse District should centre the community. Warehouse residents and community members should be driving change in their communities, and leading any development of the spaces on which they rely.

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