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Here’s how you submit objections against the proposed redevelopment of Omega Works.
Write a compelling objection that focuses on material points, using your own words and linking it to Haringey Council's own policy documents.

There are two applications to object to.

OMEGA WORKS A - Collective Planning, vPPR Architects and Majorlink

OMEGA WORKS B - Collective Planning, DHaus and CPG Feldman.

It is stronger to submit different objections to each application.

Check our guide on how to write an objection and examples of objection points.
This guide is specific to Omega Works A.

A Guide to submitting Objections on Omega Works B is coming soon. 


Once you have written your objection, submit it on the planning portal for the application under ‘Comments’


Omega Works A

Omega Works B

Email a copy of your objection to Haringey Council Planning Officer Philip Elliot

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